CATCO Looms Large in Creative Community


Columbus’s own Contemporary American Theatre Company celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. To commemorate the date, we teamed up with CATCO and Grange Insurance to produce an anniversary poster. Signed copies of the poster were available to theatre goers at last Friday’s opening of Blackbird.

The challenge was getting images from 27 past Playbills onto the letters, which make up the Hollywood-style sign. After photographing the individual letters, the Playbill images were added in Photoshop. The poster below was also produced for CATCO fifteen plus years ago.

We salute the creative group at CATCO for continuing to bring quality theatre to local audiences. Tickets for Blackbird, which runs through June 26, are still available.

Old Catco P-2

2 responses to “CATCO Looms Large in Creative Community

  1. Fantastic… Thank you for your ideas on the post CATCO Looms Large in Creative Community | Larry Hamill Photography, they are
    generally quite effective! I loved checking out your blog post!

  2. Good job – I’ll forward it.

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