Grange Insurance Embraces Community With Graphics

 Grange Display © Larry Hamill

Grange Display © Larry Hamill

Our new graphic display is now in place at the newly renovated Grange Insurance headquarters on S. Front Street in the Brewery District. The installation, which consists of a total of seven pieces, is located in the recently relocated claims office.

The curved wall, pictured above, includes photos of the Franklin County
courthouse, the sculptural gavel next to the Ohio Supreme Court, the Union
Station Arch and three shots from the new Grange addition. The diagonal and vertical elements of each photograph make this group of images work as a synergetic whole.

The seventh image, pictured below, is a 130″x 38″mural of German Village images. This single image was output on canvas and stretched over a wooden
frame, creating a frameless stand alone presence within the office space.

Grange Mural © Larry Hamill

Grange Mural © Larry Hamill

Grange Insurance selected these images to “bring a sense of community
to our new space,” said Kelly George of Grange Insurance.

Special thanks is owed Greg Moulin of idecora Wall Décor Identity for
his patented framing technology. Greg and his team offer unique display
options for corporate clients looking to establish an identity within their corporate settings.

4 responses to “Grange Insurance Embraces Community With Graphics

  1. Larry’s images printed in Greg’s new large format are spectacular! I totally love the dramatic photographs that these two artists put on the wall of my jewelry studio last year. Virtually every day I get another positive client response to their work.

  2. Thanks for the call out on the Grange Insurance display. They’re great images and we at idecora enjoyed working with the staff at Grange, as well as appreciated the opportunity to use our new display technology again.

  3. The people at Grange have great taste in art! Will head over to see it soon.

  4. I’ll be heading to Grange to see the new display. The German Village mural looks real interesting. Congrats.

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