Columbus Skyline Calendar Marks 20th Year

The year 2010 rings in the 20th year of our Columbus Skyline poster calendar, with this year’s skyline framed by Costa Rica’s golden mountains and the jagged Bryce Canyon.

After experimenting with a beta version of Photoshop, Larry created the first skyline calendar in 1991, using Photoshop’s first edition software. That year, Larry also coined the term, photilation, to describe his creative process of combining photography and illustration.

The 1991 edition featured the San Gabriel Mountains in California with a Costa Rican shoreline. Having traveled to exotic locations including Bali, Namibia, China and Ecuador, among others, all stock photography incorporated into each year’s calendar was photographed by Larry.

1998 Lisbon, Portugal with Andes Mountains of Ecuador © Larry Hamill

Intended as a fun piece with a practical application, each year the calendar has been embedded with faces of friends, family, pets and an assortment of other oddities.

In 2000, the Alhambra in Granada, Spain served as the foreground with the Lewis mountain range in Glacier National Park serving as the backdrop. Portraits of local celebrities, Fred and Howard, who formerly owned the Hausfrau Haven in German Village, can be seen in the Alhambra’s arches.

2000 Columbus Skyline Calendar © Larry Hamill

2000 Columbus Calendar Detail © Larry Hamill

Over the years, Kreber has supplied the color separations, while printing services were provided by Century Graphics, who sadly closed their doors last year.  This year’s calendar was printed courtesy of Richardson Printing Corp. along with Millcraft Paper.

2001 The Seine River in Paris with mountains from Jaen, Spain © Larry Hamill

In keeping with a tradition started by Fred and Howard years ago, the 2010 Columbus Skyline calendar is available at Hausfrau Haven, located at 769 S. Third St. in German Village.

14 responses to “Columbus Skyline Calendar Marks 20th Year

  1. Another Great Picture. Knowing your rep I expect nothing less.

  2. The economy ebbs and flows, but true creativity endures. Congratulations, Larry, on your ongoing tradition of excellence.

  3. Larry this is great. Do you know of anyone doing this sort of thing with the Cincinnati skyline?

  4. Fabulous work again Larry!! Why am I not surprised!!

  5. Love the calendar. We love the placement of our MedFlight helicopter this year, and previous years.

  6. I congratulate Larry on his 20th calander of the Columbus skyline. Over the years, these calendar pictures have also included inconspicuous references to many people in Larry’s life. I have known Larry since kindergarden and well remember the early years when he was busy doodling with his pencils and paper. His penchant for art, of many forms, is his lifelong love.

  7. Larry
    This catalogue is another astonishing product of photilation. In the recent month I’ve seen a lot of your work. And now I think I recognize your style. Bravo! Looking forward for more.
    Marlies Lebesque
    arthistorian and artist The Netherlands

  8. Another great job on the calendar. Keep up the good work, my hero.

  9. It is fabulous Larry!……………….

  10. I love the calendar and look forward to studying the photilation every year. Such wonderful creativity and whimsy! Thanks, Larry!

  11. I’m always torn between loving, and being amazed by, these calendars and being bummed out b/c we don’t really live in those environments. But isn’t life all about pleasure and pain? Either way, how do I go about getting the new one?!?

  12. These are great! I had no idea you were doing this.

  13. Larry: I have been a fan of your skyline calendars since the very first, and wish I had the entire collection! You certainly broke ground with the first one(s) technically, and continue to raise the bar for their beauty and whimsical detail. Thank you for sharing this post on this flagship’s 20th anniversary – congratulations!
    Wendy Hollinger
    Phoenix Graphix Publishing Services

  14. Your calendar is something I look forward to every year. And this year’s is just as fun to study up close as ever! Sorry to hear about Century Graphics; I’ve done a lot of work lately with Kreber, and they’re off to a strong 2010. Let’s hope it’s true for everyone in the creative community!

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