A Fresh Look at ART of Seeing

Eau De Vie © Larry Hamill

Here’s our sneak preview of the upcoming 2010 ART of Seeing book, due out in April. Published by Alcove Books, this annual photography collection is dedicated to editorial, fine art, landscape, nature, travel, and artistic commercial photography.

Their publications have been described as “stunning” by the San Francisco Chronicle. ART of Seeing offers professional photographers a means of reaching an audience of 6,000 creative buyers, photo galleries, stock houses, and collectors.

Glenn Steiner, an award-winning photographer and lifetime member of the American Society of Media Photography, juried this year’s book. Glenn teaches digital photography and Photoshop techniques at the Mendocino Art Center in California.

Strolling © Larry Hamill

The above images, Eau de Vie & Strolling, are from the upcoming publication. The following images were part of the ART of Seeing collections from 2007-2009.

Red Chair © Larry Hamill

Hovering © Larry Hamill

For more info or to obtain a copy please contact Tom Palmer at Alcove Books.  ART of Seeing can also be downloaded as a pdf file from Alcove Books website.

Eye Mosaic © Larry Hamill

10 responses to “A Fresh Look at ART of Seeing

  1. The Mosaic Eye is AMAZING! What is the size of the mosaic eye? Was this created digitally?

  2. I sit in delight of the images. such good work Larry.

  3. The poetry and artistry of your vision has always appealed to me, Larry. It transcends its media and that is a rare quality. It’s about time we see the world recognizing those qualities.

  4. Very Nice! Really love Eau De Vie!

  5. I think the highest praise I can give these pics is that I loved them even before I knew they were yours, Larry. I thought you were just showing us shots from the book. Then I saw one that looked familiar, and scrolled up to see they were all yours! I think the “Red Chair” is especially amazing.

  6. Your Strolling and Eau de Vie are astonishing beautiful. As always, you painted with light and made a theatrical new world.

  7. Great work, as usual. Thanks, Larry

  8. Love the mosaic eye! Other stuff is quite cool, too! Was the mosaic eye used for a project?

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