MedFlight Soars To Aid Patients

© Larry Hamill

Ready to serve night or day, rain or shine, a MedFlight Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU), pictured above in Columbus’s Short North district, exemplifies the theme of the 2010 MedFlight calendarPatients First.

© Larry Hamill

As a not-for-profit company, MedFlight maintains a fleet of eight helicopters and four MICUs and covers 10 counties within Ohio, providing transport for the critically ill and injured.

© Larry Hamill

Each year photographing for MedFlight’s calendar brings it own unique challenges, whether it be angling a helicopter just right over a snow covered Serpent Mound or being mindful of safety issues like the powerful effect of prop wash.

© Larry Hamill

In addition to transporting over 6,000 patients last year, MedFlight made over 250 community visits, including the Prom Promise drug and alcohol accident simulation event  to help educate teens about the perils of DWI.

We salute the pilots, drivers and medical crews who have made an impact in the lives of many, as well as the pilots who make these aerial photographs possible.

5 responses to “MedFlight Soars To Aid Patients

  1. Lana Notturniano

    Larry your artistic talent and technical skills
    have captured these magnificent images.
    Abundant talent!!!!! I have enjoyed every photo.
    Thank You.

  2. Stunning photos!

  3. Nice photo spread Larry. Your eye for angle and detail highlights your artistic sense.

  4. As anyone familiar with Larry Hamill’s creative work knows, his images are simply amazing! Check out the linear and figure ground aspects of the chopper over the freeway interchange. Wow. Notice the interplay and balance of elements both ancient and contemporary in the Serpent Mound shot. These are splendid works. Bravo!

  5. As usual, a fabulous photo Larry! You are the best!

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