Where the Scioto River Meets the Andes

The 2011 Columbus Skyline poster calendar is in, marking our  21st year. This year’s skyline is framed by the Andes Mountain range in Southern Ecuador, with a foreground view of the Scioto River looking upstream from Dodge Park.

In keeping with a tradition started by Fred and Howard years ago, the 2011 Columbus Skyline calendar is available at Hausfrau Haven, located at 769 S. Third St. in German Village.


19 responses to “Where the Scioto River Meets the Andes

  1. 21 years! Gosh time flies by. Thanks for another beautiful creation of imagination.

  2. Get one every year before the rest of MedFlight grabs them. One of the best impressions of creative Columbus around. Cool stuff and one of the best this year. TB

  3. Ahhh – Larry! I can almost smell the fresh air! Can I live there, please? Leslie

  4. One of your best ever, Larry. Columbus never looked so beautiful and now I wonder why I ever left. : )

  5. A tranquil phantasmagoric pleasantry; serene and surreal; in other words: Awesome Dude!

  6. Larry – as usual, your art is … is … indescribable! Keep it going, my friend!

  7. Everyone of these is more breath-taking than the previous year. also feel that they are becoming more believable to the outside world too with the simple realism of the city and mountains minus dinosaurs, haha

  8. Outstandinig image Larry!

    Great to hear from you! Bounce me over your email and cell…
    Would love to see you.


  9. We LOVE it-as always. Just beautiful! You are a genius!

  10. Very nice (as usual), Larry! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Always amazing!……but I especially love the reflections in the water! I will sell them out of the Marcia Evans Gallery as well! Let’s support Larry!

  12. Nice blend, just needs a couple 747’s gliding in for a landing over the horizon.

  13. Awesome Larry. Once again, you’ve improved our skyline. Every year these get better and better.
    Thanks and great work!

  14. Beautiful work! Columbus has never looked better.

  15. Hi Larry,

    Very cool. Very beautiful.

    Happy Holidays.



  16. Larry, what can I say, just plain awesome!!!

  17. You never disappoint. Columbus never looks so good.

  18. Very cool. And a very different look this year. Gotta go get me some! Fabulous work, as always.

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