3D Space: The Final Frontier

Geometric shapes, color, light and shadows come together in this image intense post of Bryce imagery.  Time disappears while working in this conceptual 3D environment and we think time will disappear for you as well as you sit back and allow yourself to be immersed in The Final Frontier.

12 responses to “3D Space: The Final Frontier

  1. Hi Larry
    So complex, and such a futuristique environments you shape. I wish I could be in this wonderfull world for a while, its like a theatrical environment.
    Take a look at my site to enjoy the coming exhibition. Marlies

  2. John Wearstler

    Nice images Larry!

  3. Larry – I’m trying to decide which one I want framed for our living room wall! Thanks for sharing! John

  4. Larry … you still amaze me with your creative mind!! How I envy your talent!! 🙂

  5. Beautiful & intriguing composition . . . NB7-4 & the orange CWorld-9 are my favorites. Bravo.

  6. Eyepopping! Bill Kight would have loved to see your new works. He used to spend hours on the computer looking at NASA space photos. Keep them coming!

  7. Very cool! Thanks for posting them.

  8. This work has me thinking you’d be great on James Cameron’s visual effects crew for Avatar 2! Great stuff.

  9. Larry, you’re absolutely right. I did like viewing these. I particularly like the blues/lavenders/violets one. Thanks!

  10. Might I ask what you are consuming when you create these images? Or are you a time traveler who traverses space and time, not like Marty McFly, but one who presents their experiences of the future in their art, while sporting the fashions of the earlier times? I for one, believe you are a Renaissance Man: I refer to someone whose interests and abilities spans many types of expression, not the a 1994 comedy-drama film directed by Penny Marshall, starring Danny DeVito and Gregory Hines. So love the images: please keep them coming!

  11. Wonderful!

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