On November 16, 2009 I posted (on Facebook) a photo of an oil painting I did years ago, based on a Native American tale. My friend Joan asked me “Where does the trail go?” That’s when I realized I have been traveling many trails of artistic expression through out my life. Since then I have been on the trail trying to find out where these various pathways will lead.

A few days ago I checked my Face Book wall, only to realize that I have posted over 800 images since I started this series of images, which includes paintings, drawings, ink wash, photographs and Photilations – a phrase I coined alluding to the blending of photography and illustration.

What I’ve come to enjoy about this process is that each day I spend some time contemplating what might appear tomorrow. I hope you enjoy this small sample of this ongoing visual journey.

16 responses to “Trailblazing

  1. Congratulations, Larry! Imagine, four years today of posting your original, patented images on Facebook, every single day. It has got to be a world record…and what great images! TH

  2. Great work Larry. I agree with Victoria about making some postcards.I like the winter scene alot.The bridge leads to ….our imagination.Thanks

  3. the golden trees are so Rococo… do you do this….Candace

  4. These are so great. Wouldn’t be nice to walk to some of these scenes and have real life reward.
    Love them all.

  5. OMG I always knew you were exceptional talented, but I’m amazed at these pictures, Will hold onto them and watch it all again and again.
    Thanks, Joyce

  6. Larry: You should make postcards of some of these 🙂

  7. Hi Larry Always surprising me. I am very interested in your paintings. I did not see so much of it. Every day a moment of contemplation, will make a trail, wich leads to the next day and so on. So , I dont believe in a future goal, but in whats going on today at this moment. When looking back you find the path you travelled in your life. And so do you. Look at your pictures and you’ll see, dat there is always a track without a beginning and without an end. Its always a picture of a detail of a track. Almost a path for a moment. So well done. Excellent imagery!

  8. John Wearstler

    I remember those old images; it all comes together.


  9. An outstanding collection of your artistic talents.

  10. Larry: This stuff is fantastic. I’ve seen a number of your projects over the years, (columbus calendars, etc.) and it is clear that your talents are growing with the passage of time. We are getting to the last stages of our lives—although I trust we both have many years to go—and I continue to tell people who know your work…”Hell, I went to high school with the guy! Continued success. I look forward to your next e-mail. Rick

  11. Mr Hamill-Keep chasing those illusions! DR

  12. You continue to amaize me with the diversity of your work, and make me feel very lazy. I specially loved the “farming shaft” and its conbination/contrast of icy synthetic and rich soil pathway. Keep sending.
    Bruce tells me that you may be back in Vilcabamba, and I’m looking forward to more interesting chats.
    Big hug

  13. Larry, what can I say ?? You have always taken the path that is least traveled !!! Beautiful work — one of a kind for sure !!!!

  14. Mark Schuliger

    The paintings bring back memories of Euclaire….

  15. Gorgeous!! I just love your work…the winter scene is my favorite.

  16. Very cool Larry. I enjoy looking at your work.

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