Mirror Images Reflect New Views

Looking Eastward on Reinhard

Symmetry implies a sense of balance.  The images in this post deal with symmetry found in spatial relationships and reflections or what Wikipedia calls patterned self-similarity.

Looking Eastward on Frankfort

These images present a unique view of German Village.  Reinhard Avenue forms the northern border of Schiller Park, while Deshler Avenue forms the southern border of the park.

Looking Southward on City Park

The repetition of a hat in many of the images harkens back to days when everyone, male or female, wouldn’t be fully dressed without a stylish hat to bring a sense of symmetry to their ensemble.

Looking Westward on Reinhard

Other various anomalies are incorporated into some of the images to encourage the viewer to explore the work in depth and experience a new understanding of visual contrasts.

Looking Westward on Deshler

Looking Eastward on Deshler

16 responses to “Mirror Images Reflect New Views

  1. WoW! I wish some day to see the world the way you do. This is so different and interesting.

    Ed Elberfeld

  2. I have’nt been to German Village in years being a resident of Idaho but I am going there the next time I am back in Cols. I always liked the area and I am sure that it would be a real surprise to see it again at this point of its restoration-Great pictures.

  3. Very COOL Larry !! I love how you have at the end of these pics some convergency of Bhuddah like images !! Wonderful work, as usual !!! Thanks for the visuals.

  4. You know how i like them, already. They are so special. Wonderfull world in wich I would like to live in. Marlies PS Take a look at my renewed website and say what you like, please.

  5. All that brick work….a glorious study…..double pleasure…
    thanks…Hats off to you….Candace

  6. You have truly caught the charm of our community, as well as, producing your usual unique photography. What a talent you possess and how fortunate we are to have you and your camera living among us. Bert

  7. Love the treatment of these urban lansdscapes . Especially like the floating hat and shadow . Great work Larry

  8. Larry: These are awesome. Very, very cool!

  9. LOVE THE HATS(::>)

  10. Serene and surreal. I love the Magritte like treatment of the hats. Beautiful, compelling, fun work. You’ve done it again!

  11. In “Looking Westward on Deshler” Is that a demon dog in the trees at the end of the walk way? Maybe the ghost of old Flash!

  12. A unique and fabulous look at a neighborhood we both know well!

  13. I’ve always imagined how beautiful our historical streets would look without overhead wires or cars parted in front. You’ve revealed this beauty. Wonderful!

  14. nostalgia and the twilight zone …. thx 4 that.

  15. I love them larry, I have photographed some of those but not like this.

  16. I’ve always loved German Village and you have made it even more artistic!!

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