Finding Form in Farming

Last month marked the 49th OSU Farm Science Review, held at the Molly Caren Agricultural Center in London, Ohio.  While grain storage structures, livestock handling equipment and the latest in agricultural technology may not sound like fertile ground when it comes to visual elements, the show yielded many colorful, graphic images.

More than 600 exhibitors displayed their products and services to help farmers improve their on-farm efficiency and profitability. This year’s theme, Where Farmers Go to Dream, emphasized agricultural innovation and helped seed new ideas and long-term vision for the farming industry.

The event attracts more than 140,000 visitors from all over the country and Canada, who spend three days perusing 4,000 product lines, while learning the latest in agricultural research, conservation, nutrition, gardening and landscape development.

More @ Farm Science Review

15 responses to “Finding Form in Farming

  1. nice work!
    -John W

  2. Hi Larry
    I have always enjoyed your work. This must of been a huge farm. Probably not Amish.

  3. Fantastic!! Love the repeating shapes!!

  4. When you can make art out of farm equipment – you have really done something.Well done Larry !

  5. As always, outstanding, Larry! Thanks for sending – farm machinery never looked so great…

  6. I like the way you make the simple ‘real’… look ‘surreal’. The corn harvestor front grill could be the template for a transformer monster. I look at these shots and imagine them suddently kicking into motion – WILL

  7. Lots of leading lines and repetition makes for interesting form . Great images .
    Jan and Rob

  8. AHHHHHH The eyes for Compositions!!!!!! well done!!

  9. Elizabeth Lessner

    Love this! The shapes and colors are amazing. I’m going to the Fairfield County Fair next week and I will look at it all differently now! Thanks for sharing.

  10. You’re getting the hang of this photograhy thing.


  11. Larry, again wonderful photography. You never fail to amaze me with your artistry.

  12. I love the shapes Larry

  13. very cool pics

  14. You make the not so exciting farm machinery come to life with vibrant color and movement it never would have had without your wonderful eye and camera expertise…….. Marcia Evans

  15. Having grown up on a farm, I never took the time to notice the “form” of farming. Those pictures are simply wonderful. Farming really is an art form.


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