Gone West – Purely Visual

Redwoods National Park

Rouge River Oregon

Lichen Life

Avenue of the Giants

Rouge River Pano

Lake Tahoe Pano

Tahoe Rocks

Lassen National Park

Sunrise over Shasta

23 responses to “Gone West – Purely Visual

  1. Seeing things through your eyes really opens other peoples eyes. Awesome. You have a great talent.

    Mike Peters

  2. Great pictures. The Tahoe Rocks is my favorite

  3. ……how fabulous they are……thanks…..vickie b……..

  4. Great scenery + Larry Hamill =magical images

  5. Thank you, Larry! What a GIFT You Have and Are! Thanks for Sharing!

  6. Larry:

    Thank you for sending me these beautiful photos. I had been to these places but did not take my camera. I am glad that you thought of me and sent me these photos. These are great photos to be used in church bulletins during Earthday celeberations.

    Job S. Ebenezer

  7. Nice, Makes me want to go!

  8. Wow, amazing as always!!

  9. Thanks for the preview. The shots are stunning. I really like the focus, the journey the eye discovers.

  10. Larry, seriously? Absolutely beautiful! Will be expecting one to be in the Christmas Eve exchange… and I will not let go.

    My Best,

  11. Youre getting better with age…..Im awaiting to kick off 2012 with your calendar…..Tom Fortin

  12. Most alluring pics. Surely is a slice of heaven here on earth.
    Thanks for sharing your genius within.

  13. Fantastic images- Larry!
    Thanks for sharing. Pacific NW is my favorite region in the country. The photos make me want to travel!

  14. as always…amazing! love them all. michele lavon

  15. Samantha Primmer

    Larry, the images are spectacular!

  16. Great work, Larry. Beautiful shots. Next time take me with you. 🙂

  17. You really captured this spectacular area of our country. Can’t wait for the calendar.

  18. Gorgeous photos Larry. I live in Ashland, OR so you were very close to my home.

  19. Ralph Rosenfield

    Great job Larry. I am forwarding this to our son Douglas. He is a talanted photographer who I think will benifit from seeing your work.

  20. So beautiful are country is, and Larry you captured some beautiful scenes !! I really like “sunrise ove Shasta” !! Can’t wait to talk to you about this trip. Take care and thanks for the pics !!

  21. Simply AMAZING!!
    Scott Sher

  22. Wow — These are absolutely beautiful! Dotty T.

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