The Face of Art

© Larry Hamill

Columbus: Inside Out Project – a community art event – was part of the worldwide art initiative, Inside Out.  As the brain child of artist/photographer JR, the recipient of the 2011 TED prize, the event called on participants to  express themselves through a global art project.

© Larry Hamill

In the spirit of JR’s work – as a French street artist, he uses a camera to show the world its true face by pasting photos of faces on massive canvases – portraits of volunteers at TEDx Columbus, held at COSI, were digitally captured by seven Columbus-based photographers.  TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) is a series of global conferences started by the Sapling Foundation to disseminate “ideas worth spreading.”

© Larry Hamill

TEDx events were created to further TED‘s mission, by offering local communities the opportunity to share dialogue in a setting similar to the larger conferences.

Images in Franklinton © Larry Hamill

Poster-sized portraits are displayed on community buildings in the Franklinton area and at COSI. Images at COSI will be in place for the next year.

© Larry Hamill

© Larry Hamill

© Larry Hamill

© Larry Hamill

More info can be found  @

9 responses to “The Face of Art

  1. Very interesting and very nice.

  2. Wonderful portrait work, Larry, thanks for sharing!

    xo Lelia

  3. Cool stuff Larry. Helicopters one minute, faces the next… If you were a baseball hitter, you could bat from either side.

  4. Way cool Larry. THKS for sharing images that are so refreshing in contrast to mainstream media. Stephen

  5. Can I adopt Benjamin? #1 & 2 should hang in dental offices!

  6. Thanks for the real people portraits; the “eyes” have it!


  8. Larry, Like the work. And love that it will be on public display. Thanks for posting!


  9. Larry, I am charmed by these images….all skin colors don’t seem black and white…thanks Candace

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