A New Year – A New View

Our 2012 Columbus Skyline Poster Calendar has arrived.

Calendars are available for purchase at the German Village Meeting Haus – 588 S. Third Ave. in the Village.  Proceeds will benefit the German Village Society.

Give a Holiday gift that’s functional all year and serves a good cause too.

Hours are Monday – Friday: 9 am to 4 pm and Saturdays: 10 am to 2 pm. Closed Sundays. Calendars are selling for $10.00.


12 responses to “A New Year – A New View

  1. I still love the original 1991 Skyline Calendar Larry. So interesting to see you were using Photoshop 1.0 on that. Geez and I struggle making band flyers.

  2. Patty Huston-Holm

    Amazing work! I love looking at these every year. Thanks, Larry, for all you do.

  3. Larry is a multi media artist he inspires me to do better at what I have a passion for. He deserves recognition and touches many peoples lives with the beauty he sees…………………

  4. Having relocated to the Boston area from Columbus some years ago I love to hang this calender in my office since many New Englanders do not realize there is anything interesting west of the Hudson. It continues to generate great conversations. Good job Larry!

  5. Thanks, Larry. Yours is an inspired, creative view of a city which already has many positive facets, much coordinated and pleasant color, efficient function and well situated form. Every year, though, your calendar blends an appealing touch of your grandiose and enchanting imagination with what we recognize as that real Columbus skyline, and the combination becomes a stunning, magical land where a person can even conceive of being and of making most anything happen; into which a person who looks closely can, indeed, find scattered touches of an inner, vibrant, but quite simple model of human existence, a commonly accepted reality covered by your artistically created surface view aura. Your work in general makes us dream of making more out of what we consider ordinary and already have, albeit, plentiful and for the most part satisfying, and then wakes us up with enhanced aesthetic awareness and intellectual prosperity. Happy 20th anniversary! Do keep the calendars coming…

  6. Another great entry into a very cool series!

  7. I remember the first one … so creative you are! I applaud the mountain background … that’s almost like how I live now.

  8. Where in the world is this place? Nice!

  9. Thanks Larry. These are always awe-inspiring.
    So I wonder: some year, could you Photoshop the Columbus That IS…not the Columbus That Isn’t? In other words, could you pull together all the most fabulous attributes (Zoo, Library, OSU, Battelle, etc etc) and visually amplify and integrate those features so that what we see is real Columbus (along with the skyline), on steroids? Not a mythic, surreal Columbus, but with the actual character that makes this City so splendid? A thought.

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