Green Technology for a Green Space

Egrets, like the one mirrored above, are just one of the species that can be seen at the Grange Insurance Audubon Center.  Perched on the Whittier Peninsula, the center is located within The Scioto Audubon Metro Park along the Scioto River, just south of downtown.

Outside, the Center features distinctive flora and fauna habitat areas, native plant demonstration gardens and a playground built from natural and recycled materials.

Inside, there’s a library with a view of the downtown skyline, a multipurpose room that seats 200, permanent and revolving exhibits and a nature store.

As a green facility, it was built with recycled construction materials, while its heating and cooling are fueled by alternative energy sources. The center hopes to increase environmental awareness through example and education.

An observation deck and terrace, complete with bird feeders, provide a panoramic view of the area’s reclaimed and restored 160 acres.

Once an industrial strip of land, the area is a major migratory bird flyaway, as well as home to lighter winged creatures like the dragonflies below.

When viewed from the air (note the red tower), this reclaimed green space may seem small and insignificant, but with the help of Grange Insurance, Audubon Ohio, Franklin County Metro Parks and the City of Columbus have preserved a key environmental pathway for future generations.

15 responses to “Green Technology for a Green Space

  1. Very impressive work, Larry! I especially like the architectural shots.

  2. Outstanding work Larry. You always seem to be in the right place at the right time. Can’t imagine how you even find a dragonfly.
    Your buddie up here in Clevand.
    Pam did a nice job also.

  3. Great images of a spectacular preserve! When did you find all the sunlight and dramatic clouds – is this really Columbus? Just kidding, I love this town and always proud to show it off to newcomers. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wonderful range of lovely images . Thanks for sharing

  5. Great photos – especially the aerial shot shows how much of a commitment has been made to preserve a greenway through the city!

    Incidentally, they also have a fairly active education program and lots of family activities and events, too. But, it’s also just a nice, peaceful place to walk around in the shadow of downtown! (and a cool dog park)

  6. Nice!

  7. WOW – you have refined your previously excellent touch!

    Still want you to shoot my diversity piece – still assembling the cast, costumes – half there, I’ll call when I’m have it all.

  8. I moved to Columbus in 1969. The city was depressing and I wasn’t sure if I’d stay after school. I was so happy that I stayed and witnessed the evolution from decay to vibrantly alive. This park is another plus for the city I still call my home, even though I now reside in New Hampshire. Kudos, Columbus!!!!

  9. Superbe !!!!!! Amazing !!!!!!


  11. Great story and pictures, Larry. The clouds look amazing! We’ll have to get down there to see this in person.

  12. Ralph Rosenfield

    Larry, Looks great, but you do have a super subject. Thanks !


  13. Nicely done. Like the exterior shots!

  14. Love the dragon flies! It’s such a great facility.

  15. Outstanding feature on the Sciot Audobon Metro Park!!

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