Colors and Textures of Ecuador

Our last post on Ecuador was dated November 2010. And so the journey continues. What follows is a visual post of the colors, textures and faces found in an environment almost frozen in time.

Hummingbird frozen in air.

Market vendor – with a little technological help.

Making Panela

Boiled sugarcane is poured into blocks. Soluble in any liquid, it retains many of the components of raw cane juice, but in higher concentrations. Colombia holds the world record for the heaviest panela block. Created in 2009, in the city of Palmira,  it weighed 1,576 lbs.

Igloos south of the equator?

A parting shot….

20 responses to “Colors and Textures of Ecuador

  1. Those little igloos are way cool. Kind of like little yurts with solid walls.Nice pictures. Hope you had a great time in Equator. i am jealous.

  2. Larry,
    Great subject matter and super images! FAR OUT AND RIGHT ON!

  3. Absoultely thrilling work! You gave me goosebumps.

  4. Most excellent. Women sitting with veggies is my favorite!

  5. Dennis Daniels

    The Hummingbird was too cool!

  6. I like the igloos. I want one. Nice photos.

  7. jeffreylewiswhite

    Larry Hamill… like a one-man National Geographic magazine!

  8. Kevin Lambrych

    Nice shots Larry! Love the colors in the market vendor picture.

  9. Thank you for letting me see Ecuador through your eyes! Beautiful!

  10. Love the igloos…thanks Larry.

  11. Larry, that third shot down looks like something out of an Indiana Jones film! I love the market lady, the man on his burrow and those igloos. What are they made of anyway ? I could live in something like that. Thanks for including me.
    Linda M.

  12. Your photos never cease to amaze me. Much appreciated Sir.

  13. Gorgeous photographs . . . thanks for making my day more beautiful, Larry.
    Cheers, Jay . . .

  14. Outstanding photo’s, Larry. Thanks for posting them.

  15. Larry, these are stunning. Thanks for posting them!

  16. These photos are wonderful Larry! You certainly know how to get absorbed into the culture!………………Marcia

  17. Beautiful Larry!

  18. thanks, larry, i wouldn’t mind living in one of the beehives, either ….

  19. Larry … as usual, great shots!! I so envy the Hummingbird shot!! I think I would like to visit there sometime.

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