Size Counts

Monumental in Scale is how Gail Larned describes her flower sculptures. Her artist statement speaks to her desire to elicit a sense of child-like wonder in the viewer.  Larned believes the suspension of the familiar transports the viewer to another reality – something akin to Alice In Wonderland.

Proportional logic is set aside when viewing Larned’s fiber sculptures.

If you’re old enough to remember Jefferson Airplane’s hit song, White Rabbit, you can probably recall the lyrics as well.

One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small…
Go ask Alice, when she’s ten feet tall

Having started with macramé in the 70’s, she eventually mastered tying knots and wrapping coils. Larned was drawn to flowers as her main subject matter because they represent renewal, celebration and remembrance.

In today’s chaotic world, I create art that is peaceful and soothing to the viewer, creating a visual oasis – states Larned.

Her work is available to rent for corporate and residential settings.

To view more floral art and hear Gail talk about her work, visit Larned Fiber.

All photographs by Larry Hamill Photography.

10 responses to “Size Counts

  1. Gail’s great art form is so complemented by your eye and skill. She is really luckey to have had YOU to to do this excellent work.

  2. Beautiful! I am struggling a little to get a real sense of scale with these.

  3. Mary Connolly-Ross

    Gail and her flowers always make me smile!

  4. Beautiful! They would add pizazz to any corporate event!

  5. Vickie Blaine

    Great to see gail’s new work…it is beautiful……What an artist!!

  6. These are truly a picnic for the eyes,

    Thanks Larry, Shelley

  7. WOW! Each pieces is incredible, beautiful and a treasure. BUT the real gem is GAIL LARNED! Love her and love her artwork!!!

  8. Thanks Larry, They’re wonderful!

  9. Beautiful stuff, Larry … absolutely breath-taking!

  10. Astoundingly amazingly original! Love the flowers, one of my favorite subjects to paint, Helene

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