Firework Designs: Form and Function

We see form and function in everything around us from luxury automobiles to elaborate lighting fixtures. But rarely do we think of both when viewing fireworks. The fireworks are launched, combustible chemicals ignite and the result is a spectacular explosion of colorful fallout. Function.

But on further inspection, that rainfall of color can take on a form not seen by the naked eye. Via in camera manipulation, those linear projections become intricate patterns of light and at rare times, almost 3D sculptures. Form.

We hope the following images leave you with a new way of thinking about light.

All photos © Larry Hamill Photography

20 responses to “Firework Designs: Form and Function

  1. An explosive sharing of delicately colored light, this, your ingenious lacing of line through space! You’ve created, Hamillrora borealis…!

  2. These are outstanding images, Larry!

  3. Those images are another dimension.Trip me out Larry!Those are great!

  4. Larry, you are in a class by yourself! Amazing!

  5. Incredible work, Larry…thanks for sharing!

  6. Absolutely Beautiful!!! I didn’t get to see fireworks this year so this is my 4th of July. You aught to frame those incredible pictures of light. It is great to have a friend like you. Shelley

  7. INCREDIBLE !!! That first photo with one of the new bridges illuminated is wonderful !! Great pics Larry, I will share this with many people. Thanks for sharing !!!

  8. My brother Dale Mitchell shared this link with me. You have a wonderful talent, Larry! Thanks so much for sharing these. Melissa Rentko

  9. Great Work Larry!

  10. You showed firework is true art!

  11. WOW, Larry you constantly amaze. Light as art – YOU are in fine form.

  12. awesomeness I was so disappointed this year I didn’t get any but those are great, by the way what are you shooting with. I hope you don’t mind if I share these with my son in Afghanistan.

  13. we are mighty lucky to have you documenting so beautifully our capitol city lives! you rock. thanks for the images; for being there to get them.

  14. I can hear the oooh and aaaahs just looking at your captures

  15. Larry,

    Painting with light is truly enlightening.

    Eric Marlow

  16. Nancy Wasserman

    you are such a genius
    of color and light

  17. As a retired professional phtographer I find these beautiful, eloquent and amazing, thanks for sharing!

  18. Amazing!!! Especially from an old lineman!

  19. these are great!

  20. Amazing!!

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