A Walk Through German Village

What better place to see art work of German Village than at a German Village establishment.  Come view hi-dynamic range images of the village and indulge in wine, tapas and more.

Inspired by seaside sangria and a walk on the Ramblas, Barcelona is a culinary fusion of metropolitan chic & Old World European charm.

Chef Paul’s authentic Spanish cuisine reflects the changing of the season.

For Menu and Hours Visit www.barcelonacolumbus.com

Art Exhibit on Display Oct 25 – Jan 2013

All images by Larry Hamill Photography


9 responses to “A Walk Through German Village

  1. Very cool, had dinner there the other night and commented on these then VOILA, here’s all the info!

  2. Larry, top-notch like the food. I need to get back there sometime soon with Marianne and look…

  3. thanks for this update. beautiful work as always.

  4. ….thanks for the preview….i’ll make sure i make a reservation so i can view the reality of your wonderful work…..vickie……..


  6. We are booking in ! Great work Larry

  7. Great work, I’ll go eat there.

  8. Very nice Larry, the HDR works great against the brick…


  9. Larry, We were there for dinner the other night, great show, but I love your work so I am biased.

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