Animal Instincts


Visit the Cleveland MetroParks Zoo and let the animals speak to you. Directions to help you find your way.

16 responses to “Animal Instincts

  1. …..what great portrait as well as action photos….thanks….vickie

  2. Thanks for the beautiful Christmas present;-)Shell

  3. fabulous the rhino was looking at you like Im Not gonna smile !! LOVE THEM

  4. Larry, These photographs are amazing:) You really know how to capture the moment.

  5. Of course, they are fantastic. I don’t recognize the second guy from the bottom. Looks like a large mouse head on a beautiful, furry body. The claws look like something to avoid.

  6. Of course, they are wonderful! The little guy second from the bottom is an animal I don’t think I’ve ever seen.

  7. A wonderful lift to my day, thanks!

  8. You DO get around Larry! Awesome images!!!

  9. These are fabulous! Now take some at OUR #1 zoo.

  10. Very cool Larry. I enjoy all of your outstanding work. — Thom T.

  11. As usual, Larry … great work!!!

  12. stunning Larry………very nice…..and thanks……glenn

  13. I recognize these animal friends!

  14. You know I love them!

  15. Love, love, love all these images. Thanks for sharing them.

  16. Some great animal faces! Larry

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