Visual Thresholds

Bryce software opens new ways of thinking about 3D space. To be able to add material qualities to shapes such as color, texture and reflectivity further adds to the creative possibilities. Just as in painting, one creates rough 3D sketches before committing them to days of rendering. This art form requires a seriously fast Mac.

17 responses to “Visual Thresholds

  1. Simply outstanding!

  2. Enjoy seeing this Larry……Paul

  3. Right on Larry.That is a fantastic journey.

  4. Thank You all for the kind words! -Larry

  5. That is an impressive program. Very Cool Stuff Larry. We are just now getting into using the Revit modeling program at work. —John

  6. OK these are truly amazing. What fantastic colors, Love it.

  7. WOW!!!!!!!

  8. Love it all, Larry.
    stephen pariser

  9. Your serious fast Mac is nothing without you behind it. I’m confidently falling into the beauty of the pictures. Please paint me a garden of glass bubbles (high tech vesion of St Exupery’s Little Prince : Dessine-moi un mouton)
    Hope to see you soon in Vilcabamba.

  10. Hi Larry, This is a beautifull new artworld. I wonder how it would be, to step inside. The spheres are almost metaphysical. You create your own Materials, no one can touch them.( les intouchables). Marlies

  11. Looks like yummie candy! As always, Larry, you are amazing!

  12. Amazing!! The software and your use of it.

  13. Wow those are some pretty amazing designs and it amazes the way your mind works. Brilliant !!!

  14. You’re messing with my head again, aren’t you Larry. Here I am, trying to write the script for a conventional industrial documentary piece, and I stop to check out your computer-generated imagery… and suddenly I’m on vacation in a bright, colorful dream sequence from a happy version of “The Matrix”… either that or a POV flashback from Hunter S. Thompson’s last trip to Vegas. I feel good about it… but I can’t remember what the hell I was working on… and now I don’t care. Thanks for the mental break. Nicely done. — Will

  15. These images are absolutely spellbinding.

  16. A true delight to behold – Ultimate Eye Candy and a treat for all the senses. Your work fascinates me, pulls me in, and always makes me smile!

  17. For me, it’s not the software which counts the most, it’s what the artist does with it; bravo on these, your ingenious results, Mr. Larry Hamill! Tim Holm

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