Flora Takes Flight


Hot in Cleveland isn’t the only thing heating up the city on the north coast.  Here’s a look into the hothouse of Orchid Mania at the Cleveland Botanical Garden .








For Hours and Directions

15 responses to “Flora Takes Flight

  1. Thanks Larry:
    I want all of the pics, they do the heart good. Shelley & Jim

  2. Beautiful Images! I love to visit the gardens here in Toledo. Maybe this spring I will take along my camera. I cannot wait until it’s warm enough and everything is in bloom!

  3. Come on already Spring! Thanks for sending!

  4. Craig R. Simposn

    Great stuff Mr. Hamill.

  5. Wow. I’m going to Cleveland this weekend. Wish I had time to take this in…

  6. I have never had flowers speak to me….and I answered back.

  7. Beautiful Especially love the first one

  8. Beautifully pure sensuous erotica Larry

  9. Wow…. what color! I’m especially amazed at the one that looks just like a butterfly sitting on (wait a minute… that IS a damn butterfly)… or is that photoshop? Are you digitally messing with my head again? WL

  10. Gorgeous, Larry! Such a dreary day here, and the vibrancy and beauty just made the sun come out. I agree about the butterfly photo…what a beautiful thing! Thank you…

  11. those were amazing

  12. These are amazing, Larry – very flashy! My faves are the ones with the butterflies among the blooms, esp. the one where the stripes on the b’fly’s hindwing almost match the color of the blooms – that one is really special! Thanks for sharing!

  13. These are so beautiful. You really bring out the vibrant colors with your pics. What an eye you have my man !!! Thanks for sharing these.

  14. Thank you!

  15. Orchids are so beautiful! I have several slides of orchids from the Conservatory in Columbus. Seeing this is making even more anxious for Spring, planting season!!

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