Recent Travel Journal

Brugge Canal

Some recent visuals from Belgium, Switzerland, France and the Netherlands.

Brugge am_Panorama2-LR

Brugge, Belgium was a major city for commerce in the Middle Ages.

Dusk Brugge Belgium

Brugge Canal

Strasbourg Canal

Strasbourg canal.

Strasbourg Cathederal & Medevil Building

From 1647-1874, the Strasbourg Cathedral was the tallest building in the world  at 466 feet.

Strasbourg Catheral Detail

Interior Strabourg Catherderal

Alsace Coutryside France

Alsace countryside in France.

Limburg, Netherlands

Limburg, Netherlands

Stream Switzerland



28 responses to “Recent Travel Journal

  1. Lively, colorful and unique travel shots, Larry. I can see them on magazine covers and to accompany articles, like Nat Geo, for starters…

  2. OH MY and OO-LA-LA!!! LOVE ‘EM!!!

  3. Thanks for taking me with you on your trip to Europe, through your pics, Larry. It’s the next best thing to being there in the flesh. TH

  4. VERY NICE work Larry. Love the reflection shots in the water. Visually creative and stunning work. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I would have much rather been in all those incredibly beautiful places.

  6. You are Amazing!!! Felt like I was there!
    #72 BHS–Scott

  7. What a perfect eye you have (even two). Brugge the Venice of the North,
    Have you tried knocking on the stone colums of the Strasbourg’s cathedral? They resonate, the sound goes up and down. Not all the colums do that, can’t really remember the explanation, something about which arch they are connected to.

  8. You’ve got a great eye, Larry!

  9. Beautiful & amazing, Larry! Can I just jump into that photo of the French countryside for the rest of my life!!!

  10. Vickie Blaine

    pretty wonderful……thanks…..vickie….

  11. Those shots so reminded me of where I lived and visited in Europe. Bitter-sweet, to say the least. Thanks, Larry.

  12. Love the canal shots! Larry

  13. Todd Appelbaum

    Loved the pictures! Thanks for sharing. Todd

  14. Beautiful Places ,Beautiful eye for it! I seriously think I am brinking on being JEALOUS Ha ha lisa

  15. As always – your work is awesome!

  16. Great work as usual!! Thanks for sharing!!

  17. Beautiful photos! Thank you Larry.

  18. Really amazing images Larry. Want to go each place.

  19. It gives us itchy feet . Great images . Thanks for sharing . Jan and Rob Dally

  20. Enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Great pics, Larry. I’m sure you had a fine time.

  21. Absolutely stunning!

  22. Beautiful Brugges. Thanks for sharing.

  23. How absolutely beautiful, Larry! Makes me wish I was there…

  24. Netherlands, never looked more beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  25. Beautiful. Looks like a wonderful trip.

  26. awesome, beautiful, thank you for sharing!!

  27. Great shots Larry!

  28. Lovely, Larry.

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