Porch View of Columbus Skyline

2005 Columbus, Ohio Calendar

The 2014 Columbus Skyline Poster Calendar has arrived.

Calendars are available for purchase at Hausfrau Haven, 769 S. Third St. in German Village. Part of the proceeds go to the German Village Society.

Calendars are selling for $9.00

2014 Detail-1

2014 Detail-2


8 responses to “Porch View of Columbus Skyline

  1. Fantastic, Larry!

  2. fabulous – as always!!!

  3. Just amazing Larry! I always look forward to seeing your calendar each year.

  4. Once again, out of the park, Larry!

  5. Beautiful and totally new! Larry, you are a genius.

  6. Great, Great picture. If I could only see this from my front porch. I guess I will have to look at your wonderful version and smile a lot.
    Thanks Larry

  7. This is just wonderful! I’ve got to get one. Thank you, Larry.

  8. As usual, Larry, your imagination amazes me!! Fantastic work!

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