Bird’s Eye view of Geometry

Newark EarthworksThe large Circular earthen mound is part of the Newark Earth Works in Central Ohio



Bison lay down in a strategic Square formation to keep their eyes and ears open for any potential predators at Battelle Darby Metro Park.


Great Blue Heron nests form a Triangle at Pickerington Ponds Metro Park.


Hay BalesAmish Farmers place Hay Stacks in a Rectangular pattern.


Corn Field
Farmers plant corn in a Curvilinear pattern to prevent soil erosion.

Farm HouseFresh snow emphasizes the stark geometry of the farm house and the Dendritic shadows of the trees.

Condo Construction
Condo construction reveals a complex interaction of Cubic spaces.

Public Garden FCCContemporary Gardens are full of geometric interaction. Franklin Park Conservatory.


Serpent MoundNative Americans created Serpent Mound in Southern Ohio that has a Oval, Spiral and Curves.

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6 responses to “Bird’s Eye view of Geometry

  1. Emily Raab Calvert

    Geometric forms from the sitting strategy of the buffalo into the cellular level of birds eye…amazing the nature of all things. Great stuff, Larry. And I’ll bet a whole lot of fun! Thanx Emily

  2. Sherrie Murphy

    Beautiful symmetry. Thank you. Sherrie, friend of Helene’s

  3. Love these, Larry! Thanks for sharing the bird’s eye angle and your discerning eye.

  4. Always a great eye for beauty and interest, thanks good friend.

  5. Beautifull, Bellissimo Larry!!!

  6. Larry, as usual, your art is always inspiring!! Great job, my friend!

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