The Art of Goldsmithing

I have had the privilege of photographing the wonderful work of William A. Weidinger over several decades. Each piece of jewelry presents the unique challenge of capturing it’s essence in a moment. Today, many take for granted the ease of taking a photograph with their phone. In the case of photographing these works of art, multiple refined light source and reflectors are employed.

This is a visual journey of small fraction of that they have created. More work may be seen at their new website.

http://williamweidinger.com_Y7A7410-PCWollo OpalBlue Halo_Y7A7479-PCWAW-CWAW-DChrys-ChalWAW-B_Y7A7524-PCAustralian Opal_Y7A9393-PC_Y7A9530-WFancy Diamond_Y7A9617-WWAW-AWAW-3Goldsmiths Bill Weidinger his son Andy and Brandon Antczak

4 responses to “The Art of Goldsmithing

  1. Thanks Larry. That was a true artistic visual presentation.

  2. Only if we All had such Talent!

  3. Love the amethyst trillion pendent necklace.

  4. The Goldsmith’s work is gorgeous! Your photography, as well. Thanks for sharing, Larry.

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