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The Art of Goldsmithing

I have had the privilege of photographing the wonderful work of William A. Weidinger over several decades. Each piece of jewelry presents the unique challenge of capturing it’s essence in a moment. Today, many take for granted the ease of taking a photograph with their phone. In the case of photographing these works of art, multiple refined light source and reflectors are employed.

This is a visual journey of small fraction of that they have created. More work may be seen at their new website.

http://williamweidinger.com_Y7A7410-PCWollo OpalBlue Halo_Y7A7479-PCWAW-CWAW-DChrys-ChalWAW-B_Y7A7524-PCAustralian Opal_Y7A9393-PC_Y7A9530-WFancy Diamond_Y7A9617-WWAW-AWAW-3Goldsmiths Bill Weidinger his son Andy and Brandon Antczak