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2017 Columbus Poster Calendar

COLUMBUS, OHIOCOLUMBUS, OHIOCOLUMBUS, OHIOCOLUMBUS, OHIOThe 2017 Columbus Skyline Poster Calendar has arrived. Calendars are available for purchase at Haus Frau Haven, 769 South Third St. in German Village. Part of the proceeds go to the German Village Society. Calendars are selling for $9.00.

Aerial View of Fall Foliage

Wednesday, November 2nd, I had the privilege of flying with experienced pilot Jeff Block and esteemed musician Arnett Howard over South Eastern Ohio.

Fall South East Ohio


Conkles Hollow


Fall South East OhioFall South East OhioFall South East OhioFall South East OhioFall South East OhioFall South East OhioFall South East OhioFall South East OhioFall South East OhioFall South East OhioFall South East OhioFall South East Ohio

A Fresh look in Cleveland Ohio

Cleveland Ohio

A group of large, bright, colorful animals are visiting Cleveland Ohio now. Regeneration Cleveland is a project the Land Studio coordinated with CrackedArt of Milan, Italy.

Cleveland OhioCleveland Ohio

Cleveland Ohio

Cleveland Ohio

Cleveland Ohio

Cleveland Ohio

Cleveland Ohio

Cleveland Ohio

The Tea Rival in the Ohio City District has a fascinating organic wall.

Cleveland Ohio

Cleveland Ohio


Cleveland Ohio

New Downtown Housing

Cleveland Ohio


Cleveland Ohio

Sculpture Detail

Cleveland Ohio

Cleveland Ohio

Hopefully all will go well with the upcoming RNC Convention

Cleveland Ohio

Cleveland Ohio



Academic Imagery

Recently, Ohio Wesleyan University used  my stock images to represent various Academic Studies. Below are some of the images they choose.
Envir Studies

Enviromental Studies





Fine Arts



Geology Kodachrome Basin park Utah




Dense Grass





Bird’s Eye view of Geometry

Newark EarthworksThe large Circular earthen mound is part of the Newark Earth Works in Central Ohio



Bison lay down in a strategic Square formation to keep their eyes and ears open for any potential predators at Battelle Darby Metro Park.


Great Blue Heron nests form a Triangle at Pickerington Ponds Metro Park.


Hay BalesAmish Farmers place Hay Stacks in a Rectangular pattern.


Corn Field
Farmers plant corn in a Curvilinear pattern to prevent soil erosion.

Farm HouseFresh snow emphasizes the stark geometry of the farm house and the Dendritic shadows of the trees.

Condo Construction
Condo construction reveals a complex interaction of Cubic spaces.

Public Garden FCCContemporary Gardens are full of geometric interaction. Franklin Park Conservatory.


Serpent MoundNative Americans created Serpent Mound in Southern Ohio that has a Oval, Spiral and Curves.

Please visit our new website to see more Aerial Photography:

Having a Ball on High Street

The HighBall in Columbus, Ohio is the largest Halloween event in the country.

HighBall Halloween in Columbus, Ohio is the largest Halloween event in the country.

HighBall 2013

2013 was the 6th year for the HighBall. Each year it gets bigger and better – as does the size of the costumes.

Large figures walk through the crowds.

Large figures tower about the crowd.

The stage is in front of the Columbus Convention Center.

Staging area in front of the Columbus Convention Center sets the scene for a night of fun, fashion and fright.

The Costume Couture Fashion Showdown on Friday Night.

The Costume Couture Fashion Showdown on Friday Night.

HighBall Columbus Ohio Oct 27, 2013

Masquerade on High!

HighBall Columbus Ohio Oct 27, 2013

Kia Rodent rocks the night.


Bloody Mary anyone?

HighBall Columbus Ohio Oct 27, 2013

Raining Fashion.

HighBall 2013 Columbus Ohio

Muppet Madness

HighBall Columbus Ohio Oct 27, 2013HighBall 2013 Columbus Ohio

The incredible Nina West Stage Show.

The incredible Nina West Stage Show.

2013 was the 6th year for the HighBall. Each year it gets bigger and better.

Where Hippies meet Robots.

Read More about the making of HighBall Halloween.

Proceeds from HighBall Halloween are reinvested into the Short North Arts District, with profits helping to underwrite programs and activities of the Short North Alliance.

Read More about the Short North Arts District.

The Silence of Sea and Space: Where Titanic Meets Apollo


Upon entering the Great Lakes Science Center’s TITANIC: The Artifact Exhibition,  you assume the identity of one of the passengers, as you’re handed your boarding pass complete with family info, reason for travel and other passenger facts. You’re then drawn into darkened rooms filled with festive music, but soon you’re surrounded by the muted sound of an underwater world.

Viewed at an angle, the casing around the ship model above produces an eerie reflection of the wall photo, of some of the 10,000 workers who spent 3 years building the Titanic, creating the illusion of spirits drifting over the ship.

Below, the Grand Staircase, with it’s bronze cherubs, is juxtaposed with floor titles from the ship’s Third Class section. Among other luxuries on board was a gymnasium featuring a Turkish bath with Moroccan tiles and Egyptian lace, while 2 shared bathtubs sufficed for the 700 passengers in steerage.


Despite warnings from other ships in the area of large ice fields, vital information never reached the ship’s bridge. At 11:38p.m. on April 14, 1912, an iceberg would become an equalizer between classes: First, Second and Third (steerage). The air temperature was 1 degree Celsius, the water temp was -1 degree.  Visitors are encouraged to touch the ice display below, kept chilled to illustrate the night’s frigid conditions.


It would take over 2.5 hours for the ship to fully sink, but the orchestra played on…. The loss of the unsinkable ship would claim more than 1,500 lives. Among the more famous – Mining Magnet Benjamin Guggenheim and Industrialist John Astor IV.


Dinner menus  hang on the wall – ranging from filet mignon to boiled potatoes, depending on your class. Serving dishes, unearthed from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, are encased in glass.


The wall photo below shows au gratin dishes lined up like dominos, preserved in the sea bed. The same dishes are now housed in a display case.


A lone leather boot, with EWP stamped on the heel…perhaps the manufacturer or owner’s initials. Other cases contain U.S. bank notes, coins and  jewelry. Everything from the fine china to bathroom water fixtures was salvaged.


Heavy brass portals provided passengers with serene ocean views from their state rooms.


A towering wall of fire – a recreation of one of six boiler rooms that propelled the ship forward, consuming 5,900 tons of coal, as it journeyed towards a destination it would never reach.


Replicas of state rooms also appear throughout the exhibit.


Mannequin or actress dressed in period cloths?

Seated Woman

At daybreak, on April 15, 1912, the CARPATHIA would come to the rescue of some 705+ survivors.  The greatest losses were among those in steerage and among crew members.

For a journey into another realm, visit the Apollo exhibit in the new NASA Glenn Visitor Center. A look inside the actual 1973 Skylab 3 Apollo Command Module shows the austere living conditions of space travel.


Artifact from the Great Beyond – Moon Rock from Apollo 15 encased, not unlike the Titanic artifacts, to protect it from the earth’s atmosphere.


TITANIC: The Artifact Exhibition runs through January 5, 2014.

Visit the Great Lakes Science Center’s website for details and hours.

Stay for the IMAX film:  Titanica: A journey below the Atlantic Ocean to the underwater resting place of the legendary Titanic explores the ruins of the great ship. CLICK HERE FOR SHOW TIMES.

For additional info about the recovery of the Titanic , visit RMS TITANIC.