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2020 Columbus Poster Calendar

The 2020 Columbus Skyline Poster Calendar has arrived. Calendars are available for purchase at Haus Frau Haven 769 South Third St in German Village. Part of the proceeds go to the German Village Society. Calendars are selling for $9.

The background is a photo I took of White Horn Mountain in Banff National Park Canada. The foreground is the Scioto Mile in the heart of Columbus, Ohio. Special thanks to Robin Enterprises, Kreber Graphics and Millcraft Paper.

Infrared Photography

Infared PhotographyIndian Canyon, California

Infrared is invisible to the human eye. It is just below our visual spectrum. This light range can be captured by special film, filters, or cameras that are converted to be sensitive to infrared. I had LifePixel convert older Canon camera to capture this realm of vision. These are my first captures.Infared Photography

Infared Photography

Palm Canyon

Infared Photography

Kelso, California

Infared Photography

Sierra Nevada Foothills

Infared PhotographyInfared PhotographyInfared PhotographyInfared Photography

Infared Photography

Joshua Tree National Park

Infared Photography

Franklin County Conservatory, Columbus, Ohio

Infared Photography

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Franklin County Conservatory, Columbus, Ohio

2017 Columbus Poster Calendar

COLUMBUS, OHIOCOLUMBUS, OHIOCOLUMBUS, OHIOCOLUMBUS, OHIOThe 2017 Columbus Skyline Poster Calendar has arrived. Calendars are available for purchase at Haus Frau Haven, 769 South Third St. in German Village. Part of the proceeds go to the German Village Society. Calendars are selling for $9.00.

2016 Columbus Poster Calendar

2005 Columbus, Ohio Calendar

Cal-1 Details

Cal-4 Cal-3 Cal-2The 2016 Columbus Skyline Poster Calendar has arrived. Calendars are available for purchase at Haus Frau Haven, 769 South Third St. in German Village. Part of the proceeds go to the German Village Society. Calendars are selling for $9.00.

A Fresh Look at ART of Seeing

Eau De Vie © Larry Hamill

Here’s our sneak preview of the upcoming 2010 ART of Seeing book, due out in April. Published by Alcove Books, this annual photography collection is dedicated to editorial, fine art, landscape, nature, travel, and artistic commercial photography.

Their publications have been described as “stunning” by the San Francisco Chronicle. ART of Seeing offers professional photographers a means of reaching an audience of 6,000 creative buyers, photo galleries, stock houses, and collectors.

Glenn Steiner, an award-winning photographer and lifetime member of the American Society of Media Photography, juried this year’s book. Glenn teaches digital photography and Photoshop techniques at the Mendocino Art Center in California.

Strolling © Larry Hamill

The above images, Eau de Vie & Strolling, are from the upcoming publication. The following images were part of the ART of Seeing collections from 2007-2009.

Red Chair © Larry Hamill

Hovering © Larry Hamill

For more info or to obtain a copy please contact Tom Palmer at Alcove Books.  ART of Seeing can also be downloaded as a pdf file from Alcove Books website.

Eye Mosaic © Larry Hamill

Marathon Evolution: Stepping to the Sound of Your Own Drummer

Runner's Legs

Columbus Marathon © Larry Hamill

Marathon Evolution is our latest in slow motion videos.  Filmed in part during the recent Columbus Marathon, it juxtaposes runners and rain puddles.

Once again, we’ve incorporated music by Kevin MacLeod.  The piece, entitled Birch Run, is reminiscent of Native American pow-wow drumming.  This selection seemed fitting, as Native Americans were the first long distance runners on this land.  While the drumming keeps pace with the runners steps and perhaps their heartbeats, the jingling sound mimics falling rain.

H20 Drums

Rain Puddle © Larry Hamill

As a side note, women of the Ojibwa and Chippewa tribes wore dresses covered with metal cones, creating a jingling sound as they moved. Jingle dresses were traditional worn during the healing dance.

The 2009 Nationwide Better Health Columbus Marathon celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the Columbus Marathon and drew nearly 15,000 athletes.

For a look at the growing use of social media in such events, particularly TweetMyTime, visit marathon runner Nate Riggs’ blog.

Colorful Interpretations


Kojo © Larry Hamill

Larry was recently asked to be a guest curator for, the on-line magazine of art, information and entertainment.

Originating in the mid-1970s in Columbus, Ohio, Ragazine was the title of an alternative newspaper published by a small group of friends. In 2004, it was revived on the web as by Mike Foldes, founder and managing editor, and continues to be a collaboration of artists, writers, poets and photographers.

Guest curators are asked to gather work from fellow artists and photographers that they believe merit a larger audience. Larry selected Columbus photographers Kojo Kamau and Chas Ray Krider as featured artists for the November-December 2009 issue.

Following a four-year stint as an Air Force photographer in the early 1960s, Kojo has spent a lifetime photographing Columbus, Ohio. His photos include well-known locals like Elijah Pierce, as well as nationally known figures Maya Angelou, Muhammed Ali and fellow photographer, Gordon Parks.

parks, gordon

Gordon Parks © Kojo Kamau

Chas Ray also started out documenting life in Columbus and over the years moved to framing the darker side of life.  Two of his erotica series are entitled Goodbye Kitty and Days of Noir.

Chas Ray Krider-2

Chas Ray © Larry Hamill

The images of Kamau and Krider, posed here with cameras of yesteryear, are part of Larry’s ongoing Colorful Camera Series.  The first of these images can be seen in a previous post entitled Digital Technology Changes in a Flash.

LIQUID MOTION: Slow Motion Dance with Water

Latino Dancers © Larry Hamill

Latina Dancers © Larry Hamill

We’d like to share with you, LIQUID MOTION, our first video production. Shot at 400 frames per seconds on a Casio point and shoot camera, the video juxtaposes water in motion with Latina Dancers, creating a mesmerizing slow motion effect.

Latina Dancers with Water  © Larry Hamill

Latina Dancers with Water © Larry Hamill

Water images were shot at the Marble Cliff public fountain in Columbus, Ohio. The effect of water moving through space, in lieu of falling towards the ground, was achieved by turning the camera sideways.

Sound track was provided courtesy of Kevin MacLeod.  More about Kevin’s music can be found at

Special thanks to John Heck for use of his camera and advice on music selection.

Kodachrome Colors Gracefully Fade Away

Kodachrome Basin State Park  © Larry Hamill

Kodachrome Basin State Park © Larry Hamill

Seventy-four years after Kodak began producing Kodachrome and thirty-six years after the release of Paul Simon’s lyrics about the nice bright colors giving us the greens of summers, Kodak shuttered it Kodachrome film production last month.

With all the advances in digital photography, it was just a matter of time before mama Kodak took our Kodachrome away.

According to Crave – The Gadget Blog, Kodak is donating its last rolls of Kodachrome to the George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film in Rochester, N.Y.

Dara Kerr’s post entitled, Kodak winds last rolls of Kodachrome, notes that one of these last rolls will be shot by Steve McCurry.

McCurry is perhaps best known for his photo of an Afghan refugee girl with bright green eyes, which graced the cover of National Geographic in 1985. Of course, the shot was taken with Kodachrome film.

More on McCurry’s career with National Geographic can be seen on YouTube.