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Monochromatic to Saturated Color


Shadowverse 10

I just had the privilege of hanging my second show in a row at Barcelona Restaurant at Whittier and Jaeger in German Village. This time the imagery is rendered in color. I used 3D software to make the geometric forms and place them into a conceptual context. The most important elements that influence the color and shadows are outside our field of view.B2-2AB2-2BB2-2C Each image takes many days to render on a Mac Power BookB2-2D

B2-2Each Archival Giclee print is on Canvas and is 42″-25″. The price of each print is $750.00 plus sales tax. 15% of the sales will be donated to the German Village Society. Please visit Barcelona for great food, tapas and drinks. They have a wonderful Happy Hour at the bar on week days from 4-7 with a variety of drinks at $4.00 and tapas for $5. www.barcelonacolumbus.comB2-5Bar-2_Panorama1 LRPlease visit my website at www.larryhamill.com

3D Space: The Final Frontier

Geometric shapes, color, light and shadows come together in this image intense post of Bryce imagery.  Time disappears while working in this conceptual 3D environment and we think time will disappear for you as well as you sit back and allow yourself to be immersed in The Final Frontier.