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MedFlight Takes Safety to New Heights

MedFlight has just introduced a new helicopter, the Euro Copter 130, which will eventually comprise their entire fleet. Pictured above hovering over the Santa Maria replica, the Euro is capable of moving at 130 knots – technology that Christopher Columbus couldn’t have imagined.

This agile, light, single engine chopper can carry a pilot, patient and three medical personnel and has a roomy interior that provides greater access to the patient.

Equipped with all the National Transportation Safety Board’s recommended equipment, the Euro Copter comes complete with night vision capabilities.

Its Traffic Collision Avoidance System, Satellite Real Time Weather and voice, video and flight recorder gives the pilot added safety measures. Whether in the air or on the ground, MedFlight places patient safety first. A representative from MedFlight noted that while the Euro Copter 130 may be capable of 130 knots, their pilots will not be pushing the envelope in terms of speed.