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Firework Designs: Form and Function

We see form and function in everything around us from luxury automobiles to elaborate lighting fixtures. But rarely do we think of both when viewing fireworks. The fireworks are launched, combustible chemicals ignite and the result is a spectacular explosion of colorful fallout. Function.

But on further inspection, that rainfall of color can take on a form not seen by the naked eye. Via in camera manipulation, those linear projections become intricate patterns of light and at rare times, almost 3D sculptures. Form.

We hope the following images leave you with a new way of thinking about light.

All photos © Larry Hamill Photography

New Twist on Red, White and Boom

Downtown Columbus

Downtown Columbus © Larry Hamill

Last Thursday, Stephanie Mennecke of Ohio News Now came to the studio for an on-camera interview about my approach to photographing fireworks. The piece aired on the Ohio Channel on Friday, prior to Red, White and Boom.

The above image is a straight shot of the Columbus skyline during Red, White and Boom. Below are two special effects shots that were achieved by twisting the lens during prolonged exposures.


© Larry Hamill


© Larry Hamill