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LIQUID MOTION: Slow Motion Dance with Water

Latino Dancers © Larry Hamill

Latina Dancers © Larry Hamill

We’d like to share with you, LIQUID MOTION, our first video production. Shot at 400 frames per seconds on a Casio point and shoot camera, the video juxtaposes water in motion with Latina Dancers, creating a mesmerizing slow motion effect.

Latina Dancers with Water  © Larry Hamill

Latina Dancers with Water © Larry Hamill

Water images were shot at the Marble Cliff public fountain in Columbus, Ohio. The effect of water moving through space, in lieu of falling towards the ground, was achieved by turning the camera sideways.

Sound track was provided courtesy of Kevin MacLeod.  More about Kevin’s music can be found at www.kmacleodmusic.com.

Special thanks to John Heck for use of his camera and advice on music selection.