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Digital Technology Changes in a Flash

New Camera

© Larry Hamill

Jonathan Putnam, an actor with CATCO Theatre, in awe over the technological transition from flash bulb photography to digital graphics.


New P-Card-1024

© Larry Hamill

The above image is from our current direct mail piece.
Below is some of the copy as it appears on the back side
of the promo card.

“Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and
thinking what nobody has thought,” Albert Szent-Gyorgyi,
Nobel Prize recipient.


Creatively combining photography and computer based imagery.

The Death of Peripheral Vision

P-VisionIt seems our visual focus continues to shrink on a daily basis. While video footage of accidents that take place while drivers are text messaging are startling, they may also well be the harbinger of a form of reverse evolution.

Daily survival, as since the beginning of time, depends on our awareness of what is happening around us on a 360 degree basis. Are we now shedding our survival instincts as our concentration shifts to ever increasingly available flat panels of hyper information?

Future Scientists

CS Poster300

© Larry Hamill

Columbus State Community College, in partnership with The Ohio State University, is offering scholarships through the Future Scientists of Ohio Scholars Program. Twenty-five high school students, who maintain a “B” average or meet other qualifications, are eligible.

To create the promotional poster, we photographed students at Columbus State’s chemistry lab, and then returned to our studio to merge the lab photo with a computer image generated in Bryce.